Volvo Penta Nyheter

Changes to Volvo Penta Executive Group

2018-08-14 Volvo Penta welcomes Peter Granqvist as new member to the Volvo Penta Executive Group.

Volvo Penta introduces Active Corrosion Protection for sterndrives

2018-08-01 Volvo Penta is now offering Active Corrosion Protection system for sterndrives, providing easier ownership and constant corrosion protection of the drive in the water.

New DPS Repositioning function enables boaters to stay in full control of every movement

2018-08-01 Volvo Penta is enhancing its Dynamic Positioning System to include Repositioning functionality, meaning boaters will be able to make minor alterations to their vessel?s position with a simple tap of the joystick.

Greater onboard comfort with Active Ride Control

2018-08-01 Volvo Penta?s new Active Ride Control function reduces a boat?s pitch and roll motion by up to 60 per cent, for enhanced stabilization and better onboard comfort.

Success of pilot vessels with Volvo Penta engines

2018-07-02 Marine services company Bukser & Berging orders new pilot boats from manufacturer Kewatec AluBoat, following successful use of its initial vessels fitted with Volvo Penta?s premium D13-IPS900 propulsion packages.

Fewer engines and reduced emissions, but all the power required

2018-07-02 Swedish ferry company Trafikverket Färjerederiet find success in trialing Volvo Penta?s new IMO Tier III engine package.

Ferrying on the fjords

2018-07-02 Norwegian ferry company Rodne moves forward by using Volvo Penta?s IMO Tier III solution in its passenger vessel.

Volvo Penta unveils hybrid marine propulsion concept

2018-06-27 <b>Designed to enable zero emission running for marine vessels, Volvo Penta has unveiled a hybrid concept for its IPS propulsion system. The electric-only mode allows entry into environmentally sensitive zones, as well as offering enhanced onboard comfort and boat handling [...]

Volvo Penta unveils pioneering self-docking yacht technology

2018-06-16 Aiming to tackle one of boating?s most stressful maneuvers ? docking ? Volvo Penta has revealed an advanced self-docking solution, targeted for launch in 2020.

Volvo Penta sets 2021 as deadline to introduce electric power

2018-06-11 With the aim of becoming a driving force in sustainable power solutions, Volvo Penta is going full charge into hybrid and all-electric drivelines, offering electrified solutions in both its marine and industrial segments by 2021.